Boxes Before Boats

June. Tomorrow. After the sun and rain and ups and downs of May we enter the final dozen days of the school year with the hurried shamble of a modern cinema zombie. Our seniors, a group of students who have felt profound impact on their education from this COVID experience, are preparing for graduation; our juniors, who tell me that they see a light at the end of this proverbial tunnel (“Next year will be a fresh start!” is a sentiment I’ve heard more than a few times this spring); and most of the rest seem ready to put 2020-2021 to rest and get about whatever the summer is all about. It’s easy to socially distance in a kayak.

But we have a lot packed into these last weeks, including (at our school) literal packing.

Right now everything we own is finding its way into boxes and before the end of June moving trucks will pull up at our temporary home and tote everything from easels to dance floors, books, boxes, and a ridiculously heavy pugger in the ceramics room over to our new campus. 

While all this packing is going on, our students and teachers are pushing hard toward the end of the semester. There are kilns to load, monologues to deliver, essays to write, and paintings to be shared with others. In a normal year this isn’t easy and this is not a normal year.

This year all of us have been physically separated in ways we never imagined before the pandemic. We’ve learned to adjust and adapt, to make do, to make peace, and to make our way in a way that feels strange and sometimes stressful. 

We’ve been learning remotely for more than a year, adding hybrid to the mix a few months ago, and slogging away as best we can. Along the way we still face responsibilities, obligations, and the opportunities to make a difference. Those opportunities aren’t easier in this environment and the results aren’t certain. And we keep going.

We engage, we create, we stumble to engage and create. We work hard, try harder, and sometimes find that our efforts and hard work aren’t quite enough. Sometimes they are, don’t get me wrong, but for many of us the past few months, and the past few weeks in particular have challenged us to the edge of our stress levels.

That’s just real, and the times we show and are shown grace make such a difference.

We can get this done. We’ll finish the school year. We’ll have a commencement ceremony. We’ll finish packing. We’ll move forward (and literally move as well).

And then, of course, we need to breathe.

Summer is a good time to take a breath. With a few fewer deadlines, the opportunity to turn off the alarm clock, and longer days that invite adventure, late June, July, and early August offer the space to move through the world at a different pace. This year more than ever that feels important.

Because in the fall we return to campus, a space new to us all and filled with more possibility than memories. We have a community to reconnect with, a batch of friends to be made or celebrated in person again, and a school year to start with aplomb.

But first, packing, those final projects, and throwing mortar boards into the air …and paddling our kayaks out into the lake.

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