Summer at Home

IMG_5814This summer COVID-19 and a series of Friday furlough days have conspired to keep us at home more than usual Julys, lots of dog walking in the neighborhood, some journeys to the park. We still slip away for day trips into nature, and we’ve mastered the art of drive through ice cream cones, but we won’t be on a plane or road trip any time soon, and while that’s okay (we do want to be safe and there is still lots to be done to have fun as a family unit at home), the summer sun still stokes an itch to travel. 

In years past I’ve used those trips as inspiration for summer blogging: hiking with a friend in the Bay Area, visiting my old haunts at Hood River Valley High (the first school where I taught), and this summer, in lieu of any kind of travelogue of posts inspired by contemporary summer ramblings, I offer this look back at a trip to Canada from a couple of summers ago. I like the posts and if you’re in the mood for a sentimental principal talking about British Columbia, look no further than…

A flight delay reminded me that I am not patient, and reflecting on that now I see the connection to the sometimes frustrating time we’re in right now as educators (trying to plan for a very uncertain fall). At some point in the next few weeks, I may even find myself  saying to my students and families: “Thank you for your patience…”

The trip to Oh, Canada reminded me of the importance of balance and the complicated dance of boundaries.

More now than ever, as we navigate school closures, remote learning, and our students’ mental health, I’m reminded that being a principal very often feels like I’m on a Two Way Traffic/One Lane Road

Trouble exists, even in paradise, as evidence when I overheard a woman shout: “I’m not paying for someone else’s meth habit!”

Acrobats unnerve me. I assume they do you too.

I wish all my readers a good summer, safe, different, but good.

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