13. Can You Dig It?

April 10, 2019

IMG_1241They did not wait for tomorrow.

After school the treasure hunters got a shovel from the student garden out behind the school and began pacing off the map and digging. And digging. And digging.

At the end of the day there were holes, but no treasure.

They came back on Wednesday ready to try again.

This time they succeeded.

It was overcast at lunchtime and threatening rain, but a hearty band of students headed to the green space behind the school, a shovel in hand.

Taking turns, they turned earth, laughing, taking pictures, hoping.

IMG_1269The hole grew in diameter. The rain held off, but barely.

A crowd grew, laughing and leaning in to see what was happening. The shovel cut into the earth, scoop after scoop searching for treasure.

And then …clink.

Their shovel, miraculously, did not break the glass jar they saw peeking through the damp dirt. They excavated, the crowd pushing in, different students taking turns with the shovel, and finally the mason jar emerging intact.

They opened the lid and pulled out the yellowed newspaper. Someone shouted: “The cow puppet!” Mary’s, from Miss Moshofsky.

The puppet found its way onto one of the most dedicated sleuth’s hands, they took photos, gave high fives, and the group fell into satisfied conversation. Two weeks of treasure hunting had ended with success. They were ready for their next adventure.


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