6. Fall Planning

September 27, 2018


Treasure buried, the students reconvened in the fall to work on the story behind the buried cow.

Leaning in, laptops open, discussion turned toward three things: What would our artifacts be? What would be the timetable for the treasure hunt? How would we stitch together the story in a way that drew our audience in and along.

We knew that we had an actual time capsule, though not from what years it might be, nor the quality of what might be inside. Still, we thought, we could use this to get people thinking about the possibility of there being other relics from years gone by.

We thought about how we might introduce the first clue or object. We’re an old building, with occasional leaks and breakages. Could we use one of these, or fabricate one, to “discover” the first clue?

Discussion ranged wildly, creative souls filling the room with ideas.

On a shared document, the students typed.


  • Time capsule (a real one)
    • Once we get back from winter break
      • Bjorn will announce it publicly – say it’s from CE Mason, invite people to guess what’s inside, we open it together as a school
    • Then later, we we find the 1st object for our treasure hunt
      • Bjorn shares it publicly
        • Bc we set a precedent for that sharing with the time capsule
  • 1st clue
    • Something small enough to be tucked away on campus all these years
    • Flashy
    • You want people to know there’s some kind of treasure buried somewhere on campus
      • Rope off a section bc there’s a “leak”
        • Make it front and center
          • Hide something in the ceiling that the leak reveals
  • A riddle?
  • Newspaper article?
  • Pliers
    • How are they used as an object?
  • Book from 1890
    • Something (a letter? Tucked inside)
  • Photos
    • Introduce idea of the child
      • Child playing with Clement
    • Film that people have to develop themselves?
      • Lead people to treasure map?
        • Son with treasure map
          • Helping draw it and hiding it
  • Journal
    • If cow replaced another object, have to introduce the cow in the journal
      • Child’s favorite toy
    • Write about treasure hunt?
  • Map
    • Go by landmarks that were there in 1950 NOT present day


The bell rang, ending our planning and beckoning students to class.

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