Breaking Fire Codes, Probably

“How many of you have never been in the principal’s office? Show of hands.”

A few perplexed looks. “Not for misbehavior,” I added, “just for any reason, you’ve never physically been in that particular room at the school.” A few more hands went up, fewer than I expected, which was marvelous.

We were finishing a Senior Ohana, where the class of 2019 was hearing about caps and gowns, how to audition for the senior speech, and getting my paternal advice about making good choices and the fact that the police see hijinks in a different way than they might.

We’d torn through the list of end of the year activities and responsibilities, nominated staff members to give a speech at graduation, and talked about the big breakfast on the last day of school. After all of that, I offered to them an opportunity for creativity and discomfort.

IMG_0259They were curious.

I asked for that show of hands.

And then, the invitation.

This May ACMA is staging the first ever ACMA Spectacular! It’s two evenings of performance and art that include every creative corner of our school. Students will sing, act, dance, make music, and make the audience applaud like they’ve never applauded before. There will be collaborations between artistic pathways, a slew of student art in the foyer (for sale to benefit the school), and some surprises thrown in to boot.

Our writers and filmmakers, sculptors and storytellers, everyone will have a hand in putting on an event whose scale our little art school has never seen. Amid a busy May, it’s the biggest show in town, and I explained to my seniors that to talk about the ACMA Spectacular in my monthly video message I needed something more than my usual talking head. I needed something …spectacular!


If you’ve ever wondered if fifty or so students can fit in the principal’s office at one time, some with horns and bass guitars, the answer is a resounding YES. If you wonder if a group like that will laugh a lot, be kind to each other, and make their principal the proudest educator in the world, another big affirmative.

ACMA’s class of 2019 is an astounding collection of creative, kind, and collaborative souls, and today I was blessed with their company, energy, and smiles. It was spectacular!


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