What if we got everyone together, all the performing arts: theater, dance, jazz, orchestra, vocal music; asked our writers to read their works and filmmakers to screen what they’ve been working on; filled the foyer with visual art, sculpture, and even included some of that in art in the show? What if we made something big, something that showed off every corner of ACMA, from our composers to choreographers, painters, poets, filmmakers and more? It would be, quite simply …spectacular.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 6.38.20 PM

The conversation, which ran like a wildfire through our ACMA staff, was prompted by some creative thinking ACMA PTO members who were looking for something other than the traditional auction to support our kids. ACMA has never been conventional, and the idea of doing something that welcomed everyone, adults and families and put the focus squarely on the art just made sense. Beautiful, unconventional, ACMA sense.

So… rather than an evening where the star of the show is a stranger rapidly reciting numbers, this year we’ve given the emceeing to one of our ACMA family, we’ve broken out of the conventionality of of a dinner and series of speeches, and we’ve put together creative acts that the community will be talking about for years to come. More than a parade of items to bid on, this show will be a cavalcade of creativity. Rather than tell folks about what our students do, we’re excited to show them the astounding artistry ACMA artists are capable of. Jaws will drop.

One of the joys of being the principal at ACMA is having the opportunity to see student artists creating every day. In studios and classrooms, I see kids painting, animating, writing, singing, dancing, playing jazz, sculpting, drawing, taking photographs, making movies, designing sets and costumes, playing classical music, and more. To call that inspiring undervalues the word inspiring. Under one roof we have such a broad spectrum of art that not everyone gets to see. Until now.

This May ACMA is going to share its collective creativity with the world in our first ever ACMA Spectacular! It promises to live up to its name.

Our dancers will dance, our musicians will make music, our writers will read, our filmmakers have been working on films all year for this event. Anyone visiting the Performing Arts Center will see sculpture, drawing, and painting, all of it for sale to benefit our students. In addition to those pathway specific performances we’ll also have collaborations between departments, some never seen on stage before. Tickets for the two shows are on sale now, and are well worth the price of admission, all of which goes to supporting student artists at ACMA.

It’s that idea of supporting kids that is at the center of all of this, and celebrating art as we do so. Truth be told, I’ve had a good time at more than a few auctions over the years, but I’ve never looked forward to an auction the way I’m excited about this year’s adventure in art.

It will be the biggest collaboration ACMA has ever seen and every ticket purchased, every piece of art sold to an ACMA patron (and there will be so many at such a range of prices), will help to ensure that the arts can continue to thrive.

Today more than ever the importance of art looms large. As budgets constrict and the world turns its eyes toward less poetic matters, art, and the artists who make it, continue to be a source of hope.

Joining us for the ACMA Spectacular, either on Friday night, for a more streamlined show, perfect for families; Saturday, with every bell and whistle; or even Saturday’s VIP experience, for those patrons of ACMA arts who want to contribute in a big way (and will get a bonus pre-show historical tour, concert, and ACMA gift bag), joining us for any of those experiences is a great way to enjoy great art, cheer amazing artists, and contribute to the future of ACMA art yet to be created.

It should be really fun too.

And since this is the last year students are here at the present campus that opened as CE Mason Elementary School in 1949, we’ve put together some historical retrospectives that celebrate the entire life of our little school. Our audience will take a look into the past, revel in the artistry of the present, and join us in looking to a future that promises to be …Spectacular!

Tickets are on sale now for both shows at our PTO website
Family Friday, May 17 at 7:00 PM

Gala Saturday, May 18th at 7:00 PM

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