Book, Journal, and Key

There was a bit of a stir at ACMA on Monday, April 1st, when three students who were helping me measure some huge wooden beams in the attic above the library (a dark and dusty place where no one ever goes) found a small, weatherbeaten journal, an old book by Walter Scott (without a copyright, but with an inscription dated Christmas 1890), a set of (now) antique pliers, and a key.


Over the past week I posted images of the journal’s pages, and many students have visited my office to take a look at the originals, but a few have asked if anyone was going to transcribe the handwriting and I’ve done my best to do so here.

I’ll write more on this adventure in the weeks to come, I’m sure, but for now I wanted to offer my intrepid treasure hunting ACMAniacs an easier to read version of that antiquated scrawl. Click here for a link to a PDF of the Journal of Clement Arbuthnot

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