February Falls

Like a blanket of snow not deep enough
To give schools the day off

Gray skies, cold mornings, wind with an edge
February is the two hour delay of the school year
Not a day off
So cold
Feeling somehow like a broken promise

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.03.49 AMIn parts of the world
Wet or icy
Where the sun hides for weeks at a time
And windshields need scraping on dark mornings
All too often
Frustration rises behind eyes
Coloring the world
Tin, not silver

February is a time when
Is harder to come by
Rare as the sun
Hidden behind clouds of
From and Of
The thousand winter worries
That spring
Eventual spring
Will erase

Even if in February
That feels like a lie.

Ultimately, February is a time for
Solving problems

Ducking chin to chest
Against the wind
Tugging on a wool cap
And getting to work

March will be better
April hardly cruel at all
And by May, a riot of green
Before the mad dash toward July

But still

Slush, slipping,
A scowl on the heart
Two hours delayed.

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