San Dieguito Stories

At the start of this school year our art students began work on a mural celebrating San Dieguito’s eighty year history. They planned, prepared, and ultimately painted a fifty foot long celebration of Mustang history that has stood at the front of our school all year. Vibrant, well researched, and overwhelmingly happy, this project has served as an inspiration and point of connection between our current students and the thousands of past graduates who have called San Dieguito home since the school opened in 1936.

wall of history

With that same spirit of celebration, this fall I set about writing one post each week chronicling San Dieguito’s history. I started with Mr. Main’s announcement of “the proposed new San Dieguito Union High School” and ended just before spring break with a look at San Dieguito in 2017. This collection of short pieces, including interviews, a little historical research, and reflections on eight decades of student stories, attempted to capture some of the magic that surrounds San Dieguito.

It is, at best, an incomplete but heartfelt collection of San Dieguito stories, one that has provided me with hours of meaningful conversation, some surprising meetings, and moments of  unexpected delight.

Getting to the end of the project, I’ve had a couple of folks ask me if they could see it all together, and for them I offer this file that collects them all.

San Dieguito Stories

Thanks to everyone who has spent a part of their week visiting this page over the past year, making time to join me on the adventure that is San Dieguito. Thanks too to all the Mustangs, former and present, who have contributed to the story of our school

Happy 80th, Mustangs.

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