The Next 80 Years

San Dieguito’s first eighty years began in tents during the Roosevelt administration. The next eighty years will end in 2097.

photo-3-11If that date feels like the setting for a science fiction story, it is …at least from our early 21st century vantage point. For perspective, 2017 is about eighty years later than the publication of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

It’s always fun to look back at the futurists’ projections of what lay in store for humanity in the distant or not too distant future. Jetpacks, flying cars, robots. Whither San Dieguito?

I won’t be the fellow who predicts automatons will teach the kids or we’ll be traveling on pneumatic tube roadways. I’ll refrain from imagining levitating classrooms or a dome over the field.

I could play it safe and say that actors will still be staging Shakespeare in San Dieguito’s theater, as they did in 2016 …and 1970 …and 1946. I’m confident that we’ll have a thriving ASB, dynamic student journalists, and an art department that is the envy of the district. What that theater, or that paper, or those art studios look like, that I’m not so sure of. I do hope that the breezeways designed by Lilian Rice will still be home to students traveling from class to class.

The reality, however, is tough to predict. Eighty years before San Dieguito opened Walt Whitman was publishing Leaves of Grass, including “A Old Man’s Thought’s of School” that notices:

these young lives,
Building, equipping, like a fleet of ships—immortal ships!
Soon to sail out over the measureless seas,
On the Soul’s voyage.”

Lots can happen in eight decades, so many ships of youth launched from this campus into the measureless seas of the world.

So, veering away from infrastructure and architecture, I’ll stake my predictions for San Dieguito’s next eighty years on the observations I’ve made looking back at our school’s first eight decades.

photo-7I believe that the Mustang class of 2097 will be kind. I think they will be creative and accepting and innovative. I think they will surprise people who don’t know them and rise to the expectations of all those who do know them.

Like our students today, and students I’ve met who attended from 1936 until today, I believe that eighty years from now it will be the students who attend San Dieguito who define San Dieguito. Theirs’ will be the story told by some future historian, stories of adventure and connections that tell of young people striving to be themselves while being part of something bigger than themselves.

Those future generations, like our current students and the alumni who still call San Dieguito home, are the lifeblood of our school. San Dieguito’s first eighty years have contained multitudes; the next eighty years promise to be as grand.

photo 2

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