photo-4-1San Dieguito hosted a huge Speech and Debate tournament this weekend, with hundreds of teenagers in skirts, ties, and ill fitting suits tromping across campus whispering to themselves. Up in the northwest corner of campus the Mustang Baseball team started their spring season, while down in San Diego our girls Soccer team wowed the world, winning a CIF championship.

Spring is a busy time of year at San Dieguito, and these extracurriculars are just part of the story.

In classes, students are cooking and collaborating, painting and practicing clarinet. We’ve added new courses this year, and that means students out at elementary schools learning what it means to be a teacher, and other students cutting into cats to see what it means to be a scientist.

8-5x11-flyer-snow-angelBut despite the maelstrom of activity, San Dieguito students know that part of what makes us human is giving back. Not long ago our Future Woodworkers Club created “Kindness Benches” for local elementary schools, one of our students is sponsoring a “Kid’s 4 Peace” Book Drive, and next week our theater department opens Snow Angel as its annual “Theater for a Cause” show, the proceeds benefiting the good work of the Community Resource Center.

Whatever it is that students are interested in: robotics, music, academics, there is something to do: The FIRST Tournament in Del Mar next weekend, the spring concert in May, and the Mustang Minds competition next week.

It that’s not enough, how about a Homeroom Olympics scavenger hunt on St. Patrick’s Day?

And if this whirlwind of activity has your heart racing, in April our Student Support Services Committee is bringing back the puppies. Twice a year San Dieguito students enjoy an event called “Canine Unwind.” Dozens of service and therapy dogs gather with their owners at our bell tower and for an hour or so after school the students can just pet a dog.

Spring at San Dieguito has sprung.

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