photo-3-2The most fabulous first impression from San Dieguito’s 2002 Hoofprint is the yearbook’s maroon velvet cover. A shower of stars spill across the cover along with the silver words “I’d Like To Thank The Academy…”

Just wow.

Inside the pages of the yearbook a picture of life at San Dieguito emerges, a world of interesting haircuts, scooters, and school spirit.

Looking out from the pages of the Hoofprint are faces familiar to today’s current students. Mr. Davidson was teaching Chemistry in 2002, sometimes in costume. Mr. Hrzina sported a groovy bit of facial hair, Ms. Koda and Mr. Keillor looked exactly like they do now, and Mr. West proved that mohawk haircuts aren’t just for kids.


In 2002 students had lots of opportunities to share their creative spirit. The Battle of the Bands, theater events from Zombie Prom to Pygmalion, and painting murals are all represented in the yearbook, along with examples of students volunteering, working on cars, and making movies. Pages celebrating Comedy Sportz, Speech and Debate, and the Academic Team sit alongside images of student created fine art and more clubs than pack of neanderthals.

photo-1-3As the Hoofprint editors noted: “After a troubled day surrounded by cement walls and tedious assignments, there wasn’t anything more gratifying than coming together with various students who shared the same interest.”

Athletics also mattered to the Mustangs of fifteen years ago, and from Track and Field to “Mustang Fùtbol,” San Dieguito students demonstrated spirit and sportsmanship on the field, in water, and on the court.

photoSkaters, scholars, artists, and anarchists, San Dieguito students lived life in 2002 with passion and purpose. …and they had fun.

Over the past few months, as I’ve had an opportunity to peek inside the pages of yearbooks from San Dieguito’s eighty year history I’ve continued to be delighted by the familiarity of the expressions on the faces of students and staff; these are people inspired by hope, enjoying each other’s company, and eager to take on the world.

The class of 2002, in their thirties now, are well into their own adult lives, and it’s fun to see their youthful faces, looking forward toward a future that is now the present.

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