photo-1-1As a snapshot in history, yearbooks are a great way to see what was happening on campus in any particular year. Celebrating the 80th anniversary I’ve been choosing a yearbook from each decade of San Dieguito’s history and sharing a few of the highlights, photos, and memories, to do my imperfect best to remind our 21st century audience what life at San Dieguito was like in years gone by.

1991 is recent enough to feel familiar, and far enough away to seem from another world.

A first look at the Hoofprint from 1991 shows a wealth of familiar faces: current physics teacher George Stimson, then high school senior (and now AP History teacher) Kerry Koda, and associate superintendent and former San Dieguito principal  Mike Grove back when he was a young teacher. The buildings in the background are the same, the grass on the quad looks as green, and even the mascot looks like a bluer cousin of our current unicycling Mustang.

photo-2-3And then you start noticing things that wouldn’t show up in a yearbook today: the kids dressed as a six pack of Corona for Halloween; they share a page with a militia of well armed cowboys and a handful of costumes that would be deemed …insensitive today.

Students stand in front of lockers in another photograph, a throwback to a time when San Dieguito issued these metal boxes of combination locked anxiety, great to decorate, but prone to becoming home to decomposing food and sophomoric hijinks.

photo-4-2Delightfully asymmetrical clothing and matching offset hair wins the day in many pictures, along with the reminder that cargo shorts were not a thing back in the early ‘90s.

Along with these differences, however, are the smiling student faces that remind us that youth then is more similar to youth now than it is different.

photo-4-3The students holding up the High School Surfing Champions banner would be comfortable down at Moonlight Beach today. Heck, many are still probably surfing there with their own kids.

Photographic evidence shows that students then, as before them and students now, loved a good tug-of-war.

And for any current student who enjoys wearing a full body Pikachu costume on a daily basis, a quick scan of the 1991 Hoofprint shows a smiling group of students who were kindred spirits.

photo-1The 1991 yearbook buzzes with energy. Pictures from the talent show, Spirit Week, and pages and pages of candid photos show a campus alive with spirit and a sense of fun. These were students standing on the threshold of a world of opportunity and ready to step forward.

What do Mr. Stimson, Ms. Koda, and Dr. Grove see when they look out at our school today? I hope great memories and a place where students carry on that enthusiasm for learning and life. …and where costumes are still part of our Mustang spirit.

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