photo-1-3As a snapshot in history, yearbooks are a great way to see what was happening on campus in any particular year. Celebrating our school’s 80th anniversary I’ve been choosing a yearbook from each decade of San Dieguito’s history and sharing a few of the highlights, photos, and memories, to do my imperfect best to remind our 21st century audience what life at San Dieguito was like in years gone by.


A playful spirit filled San Dieguito in the early 1980s. From the exuberance of the students looking up from the cover the 1982 Hoofprint to the smiling faces inside, it’s easy to see that Reagan era Mustangs new how to have a good time.

photo-2-6That sense of play shows up in the gritty determination on the faces of the students playing tug of war by the gym, competing against the teachers in a basketball game (complete with costumes), and clowning by the bell tower.

The unconventional 80s show up throughout the yearbook, in the trench coat that appears in the soccer team photo, the striped socks on the four legged mascot, and the fact that when a teacher didn’t have his photo taken for the Hoofprint the editors substituted a caricature.

photo-5-1Scenes captured from classrooms remind current readers of the way technology has changed in the past thirty-five years, and how much teenage facial expressions have stayed the same.

Athletics were popular at San Dieguito in the early 80s, and the varsity basketball team not only had “the most successful season the S.D.H.S. Basketball team has had in 17 years,” but Coach LaBorde reflected that “They’re the nicest bunch of guys I’ve ever worked with.”

photo 2 (1).JPG

The 1982 Hoofprint celebrated weekly pep rallies and the cheerleaders who organized them, after game dances (you can almost hear Soft Cell playing as you look at the photos), and a host of clubs from FFA to Backpackers.

photo-1-4Halloween gets its own page in the yearbook as does the dance team and the ASB Convention, complete with blue and white bunting. It’s in 1982 that some familiar faces peek out from the Hoofprint. Fran Fenical, future SDA principal, was teaching Social Studies in 1982. Current PE teacher John Cannon makes an appearance, and San Dieguito Foundation Executive Director Leslie Saldana sports the smile of a sophomore cheerleader.

By 1982 San Diegutio was approaching a half century of educating students and it showed all the marvelous immaturity of a fifteen year old.

photo 3 (3).JPG

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