When our admin team gathered to take our obligatory pre-school year photo, the choice of backdrops was obvious: construction.

We trotted out past the Mustang sign in front of the school, walked by the iconic bell tower, and positioned ourselves in front of an enormous hole in the ground.

photo (2)

My assistant hopped up on a low wall to snap the picture, being sure to get not only the bioretention basin and trenches in the photo, but also the expanse of dirt, emerging cement, and a corner of the hulking metal skeleton of the classroom building that will open in the fall …of next year.

Construction is more than a rumbling reality at San Dieguito; building for the future is a metaphor for our work as a school.

Our teachers are amazing builders, their daily work with students in classrooms  the mortar that holds together the edifice of learning. Other adults contribute as well. The watchful eyes of campus supervisors, the organization and heart of an army of classified staff, and the overflowing support of our counselors all help to create an education that can be a shelter in the storm of growing up.

Parents, through their love and involvement, buttress their students, providing strength and support when the pressure gets to be great.

And in the midst of it all, students swing their proverbial hammers and build.

They build the memories they will take with them for a lifetime. They build the friendships that will enrich and nourish them. They build their knowledge and character, their passion and wisdom, brick by brick constructing what their lives will become.

This year, like every other, will be a year of construction. The most important work will take place inside each of our students, the new building rising and the bulldozers moving earth reminding us that it is always our responsibility as educators to build.


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