Oregon Trail

photo 1 (2)After galloping through a busy year, summer has arrived with the opportunity to take off my saddle and spend some time grazing by a river in the shade.

One of the true joys of being an educator is to have the chance every summer to take a break from the busy rush of the school year and spend some days with family and friends, the memory of the prior school year behind us and the anticipation of the year ahead still far enough away that we can actually decompress.

For me, summer is a time for reflection and renewal, a time to reset the priorities that may have been set askew by the maelstrom of the school year, and center myself in a way that will make me a better principal when I get back to my office in August.

This year brings an extra treat, with a trip north to Oregon, the state where my wife and I both grew up. On the agenda is visiting friends in Portland, showing our kids where mom and dad met, and hiking in the Columbia Gorge.

It means that this post is the last for a couple of weeks, and that when I pick up at the end of July, the next few entries will carry the scent of pine needles and sunscreen.

For anyone reading, I hope your summer is filled with rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, and a nap in the shade of a tree next to a river.

photo 3 (3)Last year a trip to Canada inspired a series of posts, so for anyone curious about last summer’s travelogue…

Notes From The Canadian North

“Thank you for your patience…”

Oh, Canada

Two Way Traffic/One Lane Road

“I’m not paying…”


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