Words Fail Me

At San Dieguito our seniors each submit twenty five word personal statements that get read at commencement when they get their diplomas. They can say anything, and often do, and the result of this cacophony of student voices provides a tangible example of the way our school values what students have to say, gives them the freedom to say it, and is willing to do things just a little differently.

As I finish my first year as principal here, I thought I’d try for my own twenty five words, a prose haiku of sorts, to capture my feelings at the end of this fabulous year. It’s no easy task to distill the San Dieguito experience like this, but I came up with…

I came to San Dieguito knowing stories about how special it is here.
What surprised me was that they were all true. And more.”


Thanks to George Stimson for taking this photo at one of our Student Forums.


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