photo (2)I like the blue horse with the big nostrils that we call “vintage” because “creepy” is not an adjective you want associated in any way with your school mascot.

We’re the Mustangs at San Dieguito, a symbol of our school that has outlasted three name changes and nearly eighty years.

In the 1930s and 40s the horse bucked and snorted across the cover of our yearbook, The Hoofprint.

Over time it appeared on two legs and four, pacing on the sidelines at games, unicycling across campus, and even hanging out at the beach with a collection of folks who look like they might have been auditioning for a Monty Python skit.

photo (1)Today Manny the Mustang tweets.

It should come as no surprise that the face of San Dieguito is equine and online. Keeping up with the times, and looking toward a bright future is something our students do here. Technology is a tool that helps the teaching and learning that take place every day, and it’s only natural that it also provides a way for students to connect and share their stories with the world.

photo 5It’s also very much in keeping with who we are that Manny the Mustang honors his friends and values our school’s rich tradition, facts you can see by the company he keeps: blue, bold, and …vintage.

Whether in tie-dye or a jersey, promoting athletics, our business program, the arts, or the school as a whole, it’s nice to see our San Dieguito Mustang in all its variations.

I’d just love to see that four legged version with the “M” on its side trot across campus!

Go Mustangs!

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