photo 3 (2)“Midwinter spring is its own season”
-TS Eliot

April is a season of testing, of job interviews, and of looking toward summer. On a high school campus it is a month of students preparing for AP exams, being cajoled into taking state tests (seriously), and sweating over how SATs line up with the Saturday date of the prom.

Those logistical concerns are echoed in the adult world as administrators begin building master schedules, counselors register new students, and everyone on campus starts to think about where they’ll be come August.

For young teachers and aspiring administrators this means burnishing resumes and dusting off interview outfits. For veterans it means sitting on interview panels, doing their best to figure out who might be the best fit; on the other side of the table, it’s searching for the right words to make the case that they’re the one who deserves an opportunity.

All the while, the school year is rushing to an end and everyone and her mother is doing her best to grade those essays while still finding the best deal on Travelocity.

Between the thrill of graduation and the anticipation of a new school year the green expanse of summer stretches out just waiting for someone to pitch a tent.

But before that, April.

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