March Madness

The poet TS Eliot told us that “April is the cruelest month,” but truth be told he never got a spring break. Teachers everywhere know that it’s March that is the real culprit.

Our superintendent rightly calls this “the tired time,” as spring break is still too many days away to start a countdown and the busy nature of school is coming into its springtime own.

photo (3)March marks the start of a new slate of sports seasons, which on many campuses involve the greatest number of student athletes. The second term is well underway by March, its freshness gone, the end still the distant, somewhat hazy concept of June.

Weather hasn’t quite worked itself out; March rains still carry the chill of winter, not the warm promise of spring.

On campuses everywhere, particularly at middle schools, students start feeling the pull of spring, leading those adults around them to talk about “March Madness” without thinking of basketball.

Exhaustion finds these adults, and with it the propensity to short tempers and frayed patience. None of us want to be in a bad mood, but…

So we try to counteract it.

Notoriously creative, student leaders put on events meant to lift spirits and boost morale.

photo 2Here at San Dieguito that means student vs. staff kickball, window boxes going up on the plywood construction fence, and free pie on Pi Day. This is also the time of year ASB promotes the “Makeup Free and Manly Month of March,” an unexpected celebration of “natural beauty” with the tagline: “You’re Beautiful Just The Way You Are!”

Bearded, my true self looks like Old Luke from the latest Star Wars movie.

The kids added a dodgeball tournament and Spirit Week to March, and Homeroom Olympics (a proud tradition at our school) is ramping up. These are all nice reminders that there is fun to be had, even in the tired time.

Believing in our school and our collective spirit buoys us all. No activity or celebration can make March shorter, but collectively they can provide that shot of hope that helps us arrive a little happier and a little healthier to April, a not so cruel month, and with it spring break.

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