Rock and Roll

When I moved to Encinitas, a friend who had lived here for a while told me that for the students at my school “music” meant two guitars and a drum kit. That’s an exaggeration, of course; I’ve met some amazing students gifted on violin, piano, and horns. Still, the two biggest names on stage this year at San Dieguito were rock legends, each toting a guitar: alums Eddie Vedder and Jon Foreman.

CSbRimWUAAAhno0It’s one of the many perks of being a school almost eighty years old: the list of notable alumni is long. Just this year, in addition to the frontmen of Pearl Jam and Switchfoot, alumni have come home to talk about playing in Superbowls, publishing novels, and winning surfing championships.

Still, there’s just something about rock and roll.

On top of it all, both Foreman and Vedder did more than simply play amazing music; they played music with students.

Jamming with a master, sharing the stage with a rock icon isn’t something every high photo 1 (4)school musician has an opportunity to do, but at San Dieguito, where the unexpected is part of our daily reality, seeing past and present Mustang musicians together just felt right.

It’s that notion of being a part of something greater than ourselves that helps both current students and alumni (famous and not) feel the desire to stay connected to San Dieguito. This is their school. This is home.

Both Vedder and Foreman donated more than their time and talent to San Dieguito. In addition to opening their songbooks, they provided true inspiration for our current students.

Hearing someone who has sold platinum albums talk about participating in San Dieguito’s Battle of the Bands or talent show imbues those events with some pretty heavy validation.

Listening to a superstar who loves his school, which is also your school, is an amazing boost to every student on campus. Sure the principal loves the place, yeah ASB celebrates it, but did you hear what that guy with the guitar just said about San Dieguito?

Rock on, Mustangs.

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