I love…

With Valentine’s Day just past, the #YourEdustory blogging challenge asked “What are the five things you love most about your job?”

Teachers, and the other adults I get to work with every day. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by folks who care so much about students. Their passion for making a difference and the broad variety of perspectives they bring to our school community makes my life richer.

StaffStudents, whose curiosity and exuberance fill our campus and astounds me daily. Ridiculously talented kids (actors, musicians, engineers, writers, scientists… the list goes on) continually reassure me that the future is in good hands.

photo (1)Variety. Literally anything can happen, and often does. As a high school principal, I’ve seen a snow day on an afternoon that was sunny and 75 degrees, a Mustang riding a unicycle, and one of the Knights who say “Ni!” This fall.

I love that no matter what is on my calendar, the reality of the day is that something unexpected is going to happen. More often than not these surprises aren’t bad, and even when they aren’t what I would have chosen, I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who can help. Sometimes they’re magically good.

The capacity for caring, which is the bedrock of all we do at San Dieguito High School Academy. I’m the kind of dad who looks at the citizenship section of his kids’ report cards first. Raising good people trumps raising great scholars in my mind any day. I love that I get to see so many and such rich acts of kindness. From our PALS program to our caring staff, the people who make up our school bring huge hearts to all they do, and they aren’t afraid to show them. These are the people who inspire me to be a better person.

say-anything-poster-1The possibility of making a difference. A teenager in the 1980s, I grew up knowing that for a living I didn’t want to buy anything, sell anything, or process anything. I didn’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I didn’t want to do that.

I don’t.

Instead, I get to be a part of a noble profession. The work I do, at its very best, has the possibility of making a true difference, and I do my best to live by the statement:

I believe that I can make a difference. By working hard and treating others with respect, I believe that I can help create a place where students, teachers, parents, and others in the school community can succeed, and this success is no less than a better life.”

I’m thankful everyday that I have a job that gives me so much.

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