Tweeting Manny

With so much happening on campus, it’s fun to have a new voice in the Twitterverse celebrating all things San Dieguito. A few of us, teachers, administrators, and students do our best to provide a window into life on campus and, to mix metaphors, I’m convinced that each tweet is like a piece of a mosaic, and that while any individual post doesn’t tell all, taken as a whole they provide a great picture of our school …and here at San Dieguito we do love mosaics.

photoThe new voice on social media, and one I’m already following, is Manny the Mustang, our unicycling school mascot.

Not every school has a mascot who tweets, but here at San Dieguito High School Academy we do things a little differently. …and let’s be honest, it’s tough to take a selfie with hooves!

For anyone interested in what’s happening on campus from a spirited (and equine) point of view, I don’t think you can do better than @thesdamustang. As the folks who found him first told me, “very SDA!”

Manny is just at the start of his tweeting career, but I imagine great things as we move into spring: a unique view of assemblies, plays, concerts, and sporting events; a braying pride in all things San Dieguito, a passion for our school (and perhaps oats), and an unbridled passion for learning, love, and laughter.

Curious about San Dieguito? Gallop with Manny to a place where students can be themselves and be part of something great!


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