The horse isn’t standing. Head down, hooves in the air, tail stretching out behind, the Mustang that is the symbol of San Dieguito High School Academy, like the students (and adults) it represents, that Mustang that gallops across t-shirts and window decals has a purpose and is on the move.

I love that our mascot isn’t a scowling face or helmeted warrior. The Viking of my own high school alma mater was a lesson in surliness, capturing I suppose the angst of the time and competitive need to dominate in a league of schools that included Saxons, Raiders, Celts, and Spartans.

Our Mustang isn’t enigmatic. As a proud graduate of Pacific University, I got used to explaining what a Boxer was. Ah, I sometimes thought, for the simplicity of being a Viking. But college is a more complicated time, and in retrospect the Boxer served me well.

The San Dieguito Mustang is straightforward and fits our school community, as it has since FDR was president, as a powerful symbol of freedom and exuberance.

Like the people who make up our school, the Mustang that represents us, blue as the ocean, wild as the wind, captures the unbridled spirit of independence that has been who we are for almost eighty years.

When I see current students, staff, and alumni wearing our San Dieguito Mustang, I’m proud to be part of a tradition that reaches back so far and is still galloping toward a future not yet imagined. We head into another calendar year with the wind in our mane, the dust trailing behind us, and our eyes fixed on the horizon.

Giddyup 2016!

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