It started with an inspired teacher and a quotation by Kierkegaard. A little over a year ago Jo-Ann Fox created the #YourEdustory blogging challenge with a mind to help educators reflect, share, and grow. With an EdCamp style list of topics (anyone could add topics on a form open to all) and the urging to write a post every week, #YourEdustory got teachers and administrators putting pen to paper on topics as diverse as learning spaces, 21st century learning, student engagement, resilience, and taking risks.

I looked forward to reading what educators from across the US and around the world had to say on topics, and relished the opportunity to add my voice to the choir. Increasingly I find information and inspiration online; #YourEdustory was a source for both in 2015.

It was through #YourEdustory that I found bloggers like…

Steve Brophy, an Australian educator whose blog, Transformative Learning, packs a punch, particularly on pedagogy and practice.

Christy Fennewald, a Texan with tech and teaching insight shared regularly on her blog, Fennovation.

Lisa Rodrigues, whose beautifully titled blog, The Learning Journey, provides not only a window into education in her home of Melbourne, but offers ideas and insights applicable across the globe.

Andrew Thomasson, whose blog, Concerted Chaos, captures an energy and passion that never fails to inspire me to think about this adventure that is education.

In addition to these, #YourEdustory has prompted me to visit scores of blogs, learning, laughing, and connecting along the way.

And it was through this blogging challenge that I grew, as Jo-Ann’s vision expected we would, by taking on topics I otherwise might not have, like “What scares you most about education?” and “What was the defining moment you decided to be a teacher?

photo 1 (1)I’d re-up for #YourEdustory in a heartbeat, and even if it takes a breather in 2016, the experience of being part of a weekly blogging group has left its mark on me as an educator. So I’ll end this post, and 2015, with a heartfelt thank you to Jo-Ann and Soren Kierkegaard. May we all keep living life forward and telling our own EduStories!


Since this seems the time for end of the year lists, here are…

My Top 5 Favorite #YourEdustory posts (to write anyway).

How are you different than your favorite teacher?

Define “learning” in 100 words or less.

What does rigor and engagement look like in the classroom?

Describe a time where you as an educator took a risk in your classroom, and it totally paid off. Or, completely backfired.

How do you bring joy and laughter into your classroom?

One thought on “#YourEdustory

  1. Hi Bjorn, thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. I really enjoyed reading your posts as well. The challenge has been a good way to reflect on what has been happening this year. It was difficult to keep up with my blog towards the end of the year, but I hope Jo-Ann continues the challenge next year. I look forward to continuing to read your work. Have a good new year

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