photo 5“What’s a bollard?”

It’s not a question you expect the day before Winter Break, but at San Dieguito High School Academy anything can happen. Today saw our second event in the much adored Homeroom Olympics. It’s a tradition as emblematic of our school culture as anything, with a mix of the brainy and zany, clever and creative, unexpected and traditional. Today: a scavenger hunt!

As a dad, I know that the highlight of any kids’ party is a treasure hunt, complete with clues, riddles, and the possibility of sprinting toward the unexpected with a smile on your face. Today the teenagers who are San Dieguito did just that.

Exactly as the bell to start homeroom rang, an email went out with a list of objects (a banana, a Magic the Gathering Card, a spork) and challenges (memorize a pun from the library, spell out S-D-A with your bodies, take a selfie with the mascot).

photo 2 (5)And they were off!

It was impossible not to smile as students sprinted from the bell tower to the media center, laughed their way through gathering four student ID cards (one from a person from each grade), scoured the quad for someone with multicolored shoelaces, and tried to figure out the riddle at the end of the list.

They are mighty, but quite small, with big feet and necks quite tall.
If you find one your spirits will soar, when you hear its very loud roar.
Made famous in 1993, for coming alive once again
Chris Pratt showed they weren’t so bad, on Isla Nublar they’re not foreign.

photo 4 (2)Homeroom Olympics, championed by the assistant principal with the biggest heart in the universe, Dr. Jeanne Jones, bring our school together. Purposefully designed to include students from all across our student body, the events bring a sense of play to campus.

As students worked together today to find a non-smart phone (they borrowed one from my assistant), someone who can do the splits (you’d be surprised how many can), and figure out what a bollard is (so they could get a photo with one on campus), the students embraced the inner kids they still are. Sure, many are just months away from going to prestigious colleges, entering the workforce, and starting adult lives of their own, but for today they played.

They played together. They laughed with each other and with their teachers. They took selifes with Dr. Jones, not because she was an object on the scavenger hunt, but because she is an angel.

Many found a huge number of the items on the list; all found that sense of community that defines who we are at San Dieguito High School Academy.

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