Horse Feathers

GrouchoThere’s a point in Horse Feathers, the classic Marx Brothers football comedy, when Groucho, Harpo, and Chico join the college football team, three completely out of place buffoons who strap on uniforms and leather helmets and create a scene that makes people laugh. I’m afraid that this week that will be me.

It’s a homecoming tradition here at San Dieguito High School Academy for faculty to challenge students in a flag football game. I’m told the teachers haven’t won in almost a decade.

The annual flag football game is well loved here at our school, capturing the playful spirit of the student body and the willingness to join in the fun that helps to define our staff. This year more than five hundred students will play in a tournament that begins at 3:30 tomorrow and ends when the top four student teams play our faculty squad under the lights at 7:15.

What that brouhaha will look like, I’m not sure.

I do know that a few of our teachers pulled together for an after school practice last week, earnest educators whose glory days are fondly remembered. Spirals flew and a few were caught. If laughter was talent, this team would win the superbowl.

photo 1 (2)At the end of practice I asked a veteran of the game why we played the top four student teams. “Don’t we want the kids to be tired?” I asked.

“More students get to play us this way,” he explained. “And they like that. It’s fun.”

Motivated by this spirit of fun, I’ll join the teachers tomorrow night. I’d like to imagine muscle memory from a youth of playing football will return, but truth be told, the last time I competed some of my newest teachers hadn’t yet been born.

So instead, I’ll set my sights on joining the students and teachers in an evening of laughter, play, and connection. I’ll happily add my name to the proud tradition of flag football, and while gridiron glory is as likely as horse feathers, smiles promise to stretch from the field to the stands.


Come root on all our Mustangs Friday, November 6th, starting at 3:30! Kickoff for the student v. staff game is at 7:15. Go Mustangs!

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