Mustang on a Unicycle

photoThis morning I was greeted by a Mustang on a unicycle. Our San Dieguito High School Academy mascot was bouncing and rolling outside the ASB room, preparing for Friday’s Homecoming assembly, surrounded by laughing students asking questions like “Can you dance on that thing?” and “Can you see well enough to juggle?” An art teacher walked up, looked at me, and said: “This is how I get to start a Monday. What a great place!”

It is.

In addition to the unicycling Mustang, our campus is home to individuals who write music, fix cars, and run marathons. Students compete in speech and debate, robotics, and athletics. Just this month we saw a marvelous theater production of All in the Timing, Culinary Arts catered a festive Cabaret Night, and more than fifty clubs set up booths at our annual club fair. This week our volleyball team won its 20th  game of the season and our soccer team was recognized with a NSCAA High School Team Academic Award.

We’re a place where students (and the adults who work with students too) can be themselves and be part of something great. Our traditions reach back to 1936, when the school opened with students in tents, and our thinking looks forward to preparing students for jobs that haven’t yet been invented in a world that doesn’t yet exist.

1937_FootballArtists, athletes, surfers, and scholars all find a home at San Dieguito, where individuality and acceptance are part of the ether in which we live and learn.

It’s okay to be different here, and whether students choose to wear a cape or a jersey, celebrate pirates or ninjas, study math, science, or poetry, they know that this is their school.

Theirs, and a unicycling Mustang’s.

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