Piano Lesson

We’d been home from vacation a few days, long enough to reacclimate to alarm clocks, but not yet print out photos from our time away. My first week of a new principalship was busy with hiring, construction, and preparing for my staff to return to school. For my daughter, coming home meant a return to piano lessons, something she’d missed, and a new practice book with a song that has helped me put perspective to the work I’m preparing to do with my staff and students this fall.

The evening after her first lesson, I came through the front door to the fumbling notes of a familiar tune. I knew better than to interrupt my ten year old -there is much of her mother in my daughter- so I paused in the living room and listened to the chords of “Lean on Me.”

Her notes were uncertain at first, young fingers and an unfamiliar tune. The tempo quickened as the verse repeated, and the strength of the song showed through.

Simple. Powerful.

I wanted to sing along…

Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on.”

Having a chance to get away from our usual surroundings and routines can be relaxing and renewing, but some things can only be done at home.

Learning piano.

Building relationships with new colleagues, students, and families.

As I start my new job as principal of SDHSA, I know I’ll feel a bit like my daughter, learning the right notes and the correct tempo. There will be times I may sound like a beginning piano student. If I work hard, there may be times I sound like Club Nouveau.

In the end, I’m happy to be home. I’m happy to be able to start on an adventure that really matters. I’m excited to meet new friends and begin at a new professional home.

I’m ready to learn with others how we can work together, how if someone needs a hand, they can call on me, and how I just might have a problem that they’ll understand. I’m ready to get going on something I couldn’t do on vacation. I’m ready to learn, laugh, and build community together.

photo 2

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