A Well Placed Semicolon


Tell the world about the good things happening at your school, and engage in the conversation about this grand adventure, education.

Your school needs you to tell its story. If not you, then who are you ceding your narrative to? Newspapers? Parents at the dog park? These voices matter too, but as an educator, you have the best perspective to talk about your school.

Writing about what you do influences what you do. It’s like the observer effect in science, and in this case it’s a benefit to both you as an educator and your school.

Benefits to your school and self, however, aren’t the end of the story. Increasingly educators find support, inspiration, and information online, and your voice, your perspective, might just be the one someone needs.

Some brilliant educators I know, people I go to when I need good advice or to bounce an idea off, hesitate when it comes to blogging. “I’m no writer.” I hear. “My posts wouldn’t be pretty.” And I want to say: “Truth isn’t about being pretty. I don’t read any education bloggers because of their ability to employ a well placed semicolon; I read education blogs for content, not elements of style.”

Some of my favorite posts are written very simply, but the truth they contain changes what I do and how I look at my work. There are even more folks out there, from Gaston to Bullaburra, who I’d like to learn from.

So why not give it a try? Think about joining a supportive group like #YourEdustory (where each week you can see other educators share their own stories). If you’re reading this post, you’re already halfway there, dipping your toe in the great lake of education discussion online. Next, it’s your turn. Share your story. Celebrate your school. Come on in, the water’s fine.

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