The Diegueño Book Club at Play!

The end of the school year is rushing toward us, and that means there’s just enough time for one more meeting of our Diegueño Book Club!photo (3)

So far this year a marvelous group of parents and teachers has met to discuss two very different books, Mindset by Carol Dweck and How Lincoln Learned to Read by Daniel Wolff. For our third installment of The Diegueño Book Club we’ll be reading a slim volume perfect for springtime: Play by Stuart Brown.

A medical doctor, Stuart Brown has spent years researching the value of play, and this book presents educators and parents some great ideas to think about …while tossing horseshoes or playing Monopoly with the kids!

Increasingly education finds itself needing to be mindful of helping students maintain a balance between rigorous academics and overall health. At Diegueño we do our best to promote community connections, the value of family, and a sense of fun through “Family Nights” and “Spirit Day,” character based Cougar Champion celebrations, Link Week, and our upcoming Kindness Challenge. Brown’s book reminded me how important it is to provide some opportunities to let the kids play.

So if you’re interested in joining a fun group to talk about ideas, I’d invite you to put a playdate with The Diegueño Book Club on your calendar for May 19th!


The Diegueño Book Club will meet in the grassy area by the flagpole in the heart of Diegueño’s campus on May 19th from 5:00-6:30 PM. Wear comfortable clothes; we’ll be talking, laughing, and playing!

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