photo (2)“Remind me why we are doing this…”

It’s a phrase that could apply to so much in education, a challenge to clarify, or even justify, the decisions we make every day. This time the prompt came in a group text between the five middle school principals in my district. We’re a tight bunch, quick with a joke or a word of support, the kind of quintet that wakes up early to meet for coffee before monthly principal meetings. We like to talk shop, laugh a lot, and help make what could be an isolating job feel like teamwork. We’re a professional learning network in the best and most immediate sense of the word.

The question we needed to answer today was simple: Why are we all wearing superhero shirts to our principals meeting?

That it was April 1st seemed to add some cover for our wardrobe, as did the fact that we choose to (and love to) work with middle schoolers.

Truth be told, I think it really boiled down to that sense of play that most educators have, and served as a collective reminder that while the work we do can be challenging, and while March and April are some of the busiest in a school year, what matters most is kids, and that’s fun.

Looking around at the Justice League that is my PLN, even as I tried and failed to explain it to the other administrators in the room, I was given a marvelous and memorable reminder of the value of a team of supporters.

We can’t fly or shoot laser beams from our eyes. We don’t carry magic lassos or utility belts, but we’re here for each other. And that’s pretty super.


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