Family Night

Logo DFNFor me it’s Clue. My daughter likes Forbidden Island. My son goes for Sleeping Queens. Unplugging with the kids around my house often means board games, sometimes board games after making a meal together, and on the best nights enjoying homemade cookies as we sit on the living room floor and shuffle cards. I’m hoping the Monday of Halloween week will be something like that for parents and kids in our Diegueño Middle School Family.

About four times a year our teachers all agree that they won’t send any homework home on a Monday night and that Tuesday won’t bring any tests or quizzes. We call them “Diegueño Family Nights” and our hope is that families will unplug and connect in a meaningful way at home without the stress of having work to do for school the next day.

As educators, we realize how important it is to hold students to rigorous academic standards, and how useful technology can be in pursuit of those high expectations. We’re also moms and dads, sons and daughters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and we know that nothing in a child’s life matters as much as family.

We strive to be a school family here on campus, looking out for one another, supporting each other, and doing our best every day to help the students at Diegueño navigate the transition from elementary school to young adulthood. We also recognize that our most successful students, and here I don’t only mean grades or public accolades, but also students of strong character and moral fiber, our most successful students have adults in their lives who love and support them both on campus and at home.

The proud tradition of Diegueño Family Nights seeks to nurture those family bonds and increase that important communication between parents and kids.

So whether it’s stirring up a pot of mac and cheese, bringing out Parcheesi, or going for a family walk, I hope we all can take a collective breath on October 27th, look our kids in the eye, and enjoy the first Diegueño Family Night of the year.

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