On Tuesday evening I’ll host my first SDUHSDchat of the school year. For those folks who don’t know what a Twitter Chat is, think of a group of educators all sitting around a table discussing a topic, dividing about half an hour into answering four questions. Now imagine that the table is so large that everyone can gather around it, that everyone who wants to speak gets a chance, and people who’d rather just listen can do so without feeling awkward.

Twitter isn’t a social media that everyone uses, though I’d wager the majority of those reading this post have at least a passing familiarity. For educators it’s been a boon to professional development and connections. In my district we’ve joined the growing number of teachers and administrators who host a weekly online meeting place where we can exchange ideas with each other (and with anyone interested in joining the conversation).

Led by a Teacher on Special Assignment, a math teacher, an English teacher, and a middle school principal (that’s me), SDUHSDchat is a low risk way for teachers and those interested in teaching to come together for thoughtful (and sometimes witty) talk about the world of education today.

Heck, as a parent I think I’d be curious what teachers and other educators in my student’s school and district had to say about things.

And it’s easy.

It doesn’t even take a Twitter account to follow along on the string of short posts in the “chat,” just click on at 8:00pm on Tuesday (9/23) and watch what people have to say. If you want to join in the conversation (and it’s really worth doing, even if it’s just to add a short thought or two) then you need a Twitter account, which is free, easy, and fun. Just go to:

For anyone with any anxiety about Twitter, a friend showed me this article that helped me wrap my head around what tweeting is all about. You may want to take a look at: Mom, This is How Twitter Works. It’s funny and informative at the same time. Who could ask for more?

Well, you say, I could ask for more… I don’t want to be caught flat footed when all this “chatting” starts up. You could tell me the topic! You could even give me a peek at the questions, so I can get ready and feel comfortable before I try this thing out.

Done and done.

This week’s SDUHSDchat is about “Motivating Students / Classroom Management.” I put that slash in between the two terms on purpose, thinking some would see it as an “and” and others as an “or.” Some would start thinking about how the two are related; I think they are. Some would say you can’t have one without the other. All cool starting points!

Now, the questions… I’m still polishing these up a bit (it’s not yet Tuesday night), but what I have right now (spaced 5-7 minutes apart) is…


  • What is the relationship between motivating students and classroom management?
  • What has worked best to motivate your students this school year?
  • What classroom management challenges have been the greatest this year, and how have you addressed them?
  • What are the most important elements in a classroom with good classroom management and motivated students?


I might adjust the questions a little before we go live on Tuesday. I’d really like to weave in something on Growth Mindsets (while still being sensitive that not everyone is super familiar with Carol Dweck’s work). But this gives you a head start.

So what do you think? Feel adventurous? Want to dip your toe in the water? I’d love to hear what you have to say, and think you might find it fun too. We’re all part of this grand adventure that is education for the same reason: the kids, and SDUHSDchat is just another way we can help support each other. Think of us all as friends having a conversation around a table, a table with enough seats for everyone.

SDUHSDchat at 8:00pm on Tuesday 9/23/14 (and most Tuesdays during the school year).

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