The Diegueño Family

photo (11)Community and connections. There aren’t two more important words at a middle school. As we begin the 2014-2015 school year at Diegueño Middle School, my first focus as principal is on the school family we are: teachers, parents, students, and all of us who work at the school coming together for our kids. My goal is to foster an atmosphere that encourages our work together, makes it natural to support each other, and helps us inspire and be inspired by each other to be the best we can be every day. Together we can do great good.

This spirit of connection benefits us in many ways. Connected campuses are safe campuses; when we see something, we say something; when we notice a person in need we reach out to help. In conjunction with specific safety plans and measures the fact that we’re watching out for each other and our school helps to keep us all safer.

School families look out for kids, and in this time of transition, from 6th grade to middle school, from 8th grade to high school, and in so many ways as emotions rise and kids grow, as students know that they belong, as they know that Diegueño is their home, and as they know that adults on campus care for them, they can weather the storm of adolescence.

We adults too benefit from a connected campus, and I’m committed to fostering this sense of family among us. We already have much helping us in this pursuit (from an engaged PTSA to a collaborative and collegial staff that really likes spending time together) as we saw during our pancake breakfast on the first day teachers were back on campus. We are a faculty who can laugh together, who care for each other, and whose passion for helping kids can change the world.  I’m excited to continue to build these connections as we welcome new students, new families, and new teachers to Diegueño.

I’m really looking forward to this week’s Back to School Night, the first time since the school year began that we all get to be on campus together celebrating the work we do with and for kids at Diegueño. Our school community will be together, mixing and mingling in the new media center before class visits begin, and spending time connecting with each other in the heart of our campus. Community and connections; the Diegueño Family.

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