photo 4 (1)The cat greeted us at the door, scolding us for being away too long. Bags piled by the stairs, the kids busy rediscovering their back yard, my wife and I exhaled, happy not to be crammed in the car. Ultimately the best part of a road trip is coming back home.

Just as it felt right to come through our front door after a great July road trip, I hope that students walk onto campus on August 26th, a campus familiar to some (though with some great Prop AA upgrades) and soon to be familiar to our incoming students, they’ll have the same feeling I did of coming home: relaxed, optimistic, and ready to begin a more fulfilling adventure than any vacation could ever be, ready to begin again our real lives.

Summer is like a road trip even if you don’t go farther than our local Moonlight Beach. Time away from where we hang our proverbial hats brings new energy, new perspective, and renewed appreciation for the place we work and play and learn each day. Coming back to our routines, whether from a week on the road or a day at the beach, it’s good to see our friends (and make new ones) and get about the work we love. We have that opportunity in just a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the hum and rumble of school.

We’re fortunate in education to get this return home every fall, and I look forward to be one of the first to welcome all my students, teachers, parents, and all members of the Diegueño family a heartfelt “Welcome home.”


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