Notes from the Road

“When the sun shouts and people abound…”   -Robinson Jeffers

photo 4 (1)I don’t edchat in July, though I do Tweet a bit and read my fair share of articles from Edutopia. It’s the blurry line I’ve told myself I’ve drawn, the boundary between living and breathing what I do (teaching, learning, and actively participating in this amazing undertaking called education) and getting the distance we all need from time to time to really relax and rejuvenate.

This July, before starting a new principal job that I’m bursting with energy to begin, that healthy separation came in the form of a road trip: a ten day sojourn from San Diego to the Bay Area and back, visiting a new baby, a few old friends, and some of the best of the California coast. And taking time to breathe.

 This need for renewal and play is important to what we do as educators. Just like reading good books, spending time with friends, and taking care of ourselves (all challenging during the rush of the school year), taking the time to clear our heads helps us be able to start a new school year with a sense of possibility and the energy to act on that hope.

 However we do it, with a hammock or a Harley, we do our students and ourselves a favor when we capture the fun of summer.

 This doesn’t mean that I turn off the educator in me; I don’t think we ever do, but

with my laptop safely stowed at home and photo 1 (2)my hands on the wheel, I was able to enjoy the time away even as I learned a few lessons along the road. This perspective is something I tried to capture as I went, scribbling notes on a yellow legal pad to be typed up when I got back home. A handful made the cut, and over the next few days I’ll post those “Notes from the Road.” Taken as a travelogue or stand alones, they’re some of the memories and inspiration I’ll be bringing back to my work this fall.



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