The Road to Diegueño 

photo 1Bob Hope and Bing Crosby riding a camel across the sound-stage desert couldn’t be having a better time that Assistant Principal Corey Bess and I are as we prepare for the opening of school. It’s a busy time, not unlike a 1940s “road to” picture, full of big plans, friendly faces, and the exotic landscape of a campus under construction. All we need now is Dorothy Lamour.

Actually what we’re both most ready to see are our students. A school without students is a library with no books, a rodeo without broncos, an ocean without waves. Kids bring life to campus, their spontaneity and curiosity the spark that lights the fire of education. And right now, with a quad filled with hardhats and heavy machinery, what we have as inspiration is simply the anticipation of the start of the year. It’s just over the next set of dunes.

In just a few weeks the summer construction dust will clear and we’ll be welcoming students and teachers back home to a revitalized campus. Folks will still recognize it as Diegueño, but they’ll see wider walkways, a smart new entrance, and a media center that will be the envy of the district. Among the people who will be enjoying this space will be a host of new teachers, bringing their enthusiasm and love of working with students to their new school. Across the curriculum in art, math, special education, English, science, Spanish, and physical education we’re looking forward to welcoming new faces to our Diegueño family.

Corey and I are planning now for the great work to come. Our plates will be full as we dedicate energy to helping kids thrive, teachers innovate, and parents stay connected. We’re still on that proverbial camel right now, traveling through the desert with a song, but as in any road to picture, we know our real destination; at the end of the journey we end up safe at home.


After some gentle kidding, a friend convinced me that for the younger folks, who may never have seen a “road to” picture or know Bing Crosby beyond a holiday album (or Bob Hope at all), I ought to provide a clip of something for perspective. I find it impossible not to want to sing along to: Road to Morocco

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