Role Models

cats and kidsAt LCC our Science department chairperson is a woman. Our Math department chair too. If you’re going to take Engineering, you’ll  have a Project Lead the Way master teacher, Ms. Debbie Elliott. Want Web Design? That’s Ms. Thea Chadwick. At La Costa Canyon, STEM doesn’t look like Richard Feynman.

This isn’t to say that we don’t have males teaching Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); four Maverick science teachers are men, all (curiously) named Dave. We have male math and computers teachers too, but any stereotype about women in science and math (left over from the time of the Reagan administration) is as dead as the cats our students dissect in Ms. Schildhouse’s Anatomy and Physiology class.

As the father of a nine year old daughter, I’m more than a little proud of the role models our STEM teachers provide for the young women of LCC. Whether it’s students constructing complex machines in Ms. Stapko’s physics class, prepping for Calc Camp with Ms. Anderson, or joining other Architecture students and Ms. Elliott for a competition at USC, students at La Costa Canyon learn from and are led by some amazing teachers.

As an administrator at a school like this, I’m excited by the possibilities these, and all of our STEM teachers, bring to our campus: Coding, Architecture, Design, and more. Female and male students at LCC have a great future, and they’ll be led by a group of powerful Maverick women. Mathematicians. Engineers. Scientists. Role Models.

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