As I was walking out on campus yesterday, watching students in video film class making movies, theater tech students breaking down the set from the production of Romeo and Juliet, and photography students take pictures on the lawn below the library, it struck me how different education is today than it was when I went to school.
At the risk of sounding antiquated or trite, I continue to be delighted and somewhat astounded at the opportunities students at LCC enjoy; not bound to desks, or even classrooms, students have the ability to take learning into their own hands, and connect their interests to school. I see this in the arts classes like photography, drama, and film, as well as the freedom that Independent Study Online Learning offers to kids. Put simply, while students who want the brick and mortar experience that I had can find something like it (albeit enhanced with technology and a nod toward more critical thinking), they can. If they want something more personal and dynamic, they can have that too.It strikes me as an exciting time to be a student, a teacher, and a member of the LCC school community. Under that dark cloud pessimists try to hang over education, it’s nice to be at a school where the light of opportunity shines.

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