Of Mavericks and Dap-Kings

SharonJonesListening to “We Get Along” by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings this morning, an infinitely swinging tune worth finding online and listening to now, as you read this blog…

…really, now…

…I felt a sense of pride in being a part of this place called LCC. We are, as a school community, people who embrace what Sharon Jones sings about: “We got to get along / We got to get up / And come together…”

We get along when we tutor each other in the library after school and when we offer to help a friend ask someone to prom in a creative way. We get along when we turn in a cell phone to lost and found, and when a tearful and relieved student picks that phone up later in the day. We get along when we listen to each other in class, when we share smiles at lunch, and when we pick up someone who has fallen down.

We get ourselves up when faced with challenges, whether it’s tight budgets, unexpected changes of plans, the hassles of construction, or the kooky things that sometimes happen on a high school campus: a fender bender in the parking lot, a tough exam, or an egg drop that lands too close and spatters your pants. (Was that last example too confessional?)

We come together when we’re in the audience at a Comedy Sportz game, laughing, cheering, and being profoundly present as we’re packed shoulder to shoulder with other Mavericks. We come together when we fill the stands at a field hockey game, or a concert, or a dance show. We come together when teachers share their rooms for a long weekend to allow the Speech and Debate Team to host the huge Winter Classic tournament, and when we open our doors to show off our great school at School Information Night in the spring.

And while we’re far from perfect, no one is, our Maverick Family knows that through challenges and triumphs, we’re together. As a soul-funk diva might say…

There’s somthin’ a brewin’ up in the sky
We’re stuck inside with the candle light
But the sun is comin’ with all of its might
I know, I know it’ll be alright

I keep expecting that one of these days I’ll hear a little Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings over the PA as our lacrosse or basketball teams warm up. Until then, I know what I’m humming as I cross campus.

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