For those about to rock…

Passion. The best educators bring it to their work with students every day. It shows itself in poetry and pottery and proofs. I see it when a teacher crouches down next to a desk and helps a student struggling with a math problem, or when an instructor ricochets around the classroom inspiring excitement about conjugating verbs. Don’t doubt; I’ve seen that happen! And once a year our entire school community has an opportunity to see teachers express this passion in a different way: through rock and roll.

Not every school has teachers who form a rock band, but then again LCC has always been a school of mavericks.

“The Credentialed,” fronted by a history teacher who is as comfortable discussing The Constitution as covering The Clash, began more than a dozen years ago when a collection of LCC teachers (art on guitar and bass, Spanish on keyboards, AVID on vocals) joined together with some other educator friends to put on a show to raise money for student scholarships.

Raise money; raise the roof.

And rock they do. Rough and tumble rock and roll, last night’s performance peppered with stories and solos, heart and soul. The concert showed Maverick spirit at its best. From the opening mixes of Beatles, beats, and samples from the principal’s recorded “rule talk” through great covers from five decades of hits, a rollicking drum solo that had mouths agape and students on their feet, and student performers so talented that adults teared up, last night showed the unifying power of music and the magnifying power of love.

As I watched the concert I was struck by a few things: how talented of musicians these teachers are, how much they care about the cause of helping kids, how excited they were to showcase the student performers, and how powerful this annual event is in bringing together our Maverick family.

And a family we were on Friday, both literally (in the few quiet seconds between one early tune and another I heard a young voice from the crowd yell up to the stage: “Hi, Dad!”) and as a school. Kids cheered teachers, as fans not students, and in its own powerful way that too is great teaching and learning.

Not every school has a teacher rock and roll band, but think how cool the world would be if they did.


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